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Photos are by Cat C. Ellen, unless otherwise noted. All my photos are under a Creative Commons Licence: Attribution, Share Alike, Non-Commercial, No Derivative Works. Copyright for Images by other photographers remain with the original owners.

Family Albums

• True’s BDay 2014 • Jack 2010 • Mom’s Birthday 2010 • Nieces and Nephews 2010 • 

  • True’s BDay 2014 – Some Family Birthday Fun
  • Jack 2010 – My nephew, Jack. To see the commercial, check out

    Mom’s Birthday 2010 – Mom’s Birthday 2010 was celebrated at a combined family party hosted by Megan and Timmy, where we also enjoyed the Balboa Island Christmas Lights Boat Parade. I didn’t take any pictures, but copied my favorites from my Mom to share with you here. From the album: It’s All About 2010 by Sharon Cummings
  • Nieces and Nephews 2010 – My greatest blessing is to be an Auntie to so many amazing kids — both natural relatives and “family by choice”

Fun Albums

 • Flowers and Treats • 

  • Flowers and Treats – Over the years, my Sweetie has presented me with various flowers and treats. I am truly a lucky and thankful gal.