Effervescence is a state of mind. It’s about choosing to bring sunshine to the day. Every person I meet matters.

About Cat Ellen

I’m a musician, textile artist, bellydancer, technical writer, copy editor, and occasional photographer. I’ve been hand-spinning for nearly 20 years, primarily on drop spindle. I do some calligraphy and illumination in the style of the middle ages. I’m a singer song-writer usually in a folk-type vein. And I’m a passionate ATS® (American Tribal Style) bellydancer currently in the FCBD ATS® style, now as a part-time instructor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s with all the names? – Some of you know me as Cat, once upon a time I was called Chris, and many of you know me as Eilidh (pronounced like AY-lee, Dame Eilidh Swann, OP, Caid).

Is your name really Cat? – Yes, I paid very good money to change my name and it really is just “Cat.” I was named after Christine and Ellen, the two gals who introduced my parents. Post-divorce, I removed my double-last-names and put my college nickname on the front, sliding all the names “over one to the right.” So now my name is Cat Christine Ellen, the three names that mean the most to me. But if you ask, I’ll still describe myself as “one of the McGlothlin girls.”

Who is Cay Swann? – “Cay” was a typo one day when I tried to type “Cat.” It looked like an excellent pen name. “Swan” was my grandmother’s maiden name, and in memory of her I took the name “Swann” as part of my re-enactment naming practices. So CaySwann started out as a generic internet pen name and then became my online brand.

What’s with the funny hair? – I love variety. I love to play with my hair. It’s just a toy to me. And yes, the crazy colors are permanent hair dye. I pay a professional to do my hair color, and I change the color of the stripes on a whim all the time. (If you’re interested in my colorist, you’ll have to be able to get to Monrovia, CA. You can see her work on Pinterest.)

Feb 2014